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Publishing Updates

Riftsiders: Unlawful Possession is now just waiting for a release date. I signed off on the final galleys this afternoon. I'm guessing that will hit availability early 2022? Maybe?

Riftsiders: Identity Theft is at my agent for first round edits. Not really sure on any timetable there. Possibly late 2022?

I'm working on outlining and ideas behind the third book now. Possible name is White Collar Crimes.

I say possible name, because the original working title for Riftsiders: Unlawful Possession was Dark Partners. It was intentionally unclear whether that meant the romantic leads or the entities that possess them. Kind of like how The Walking Dead refers to the survivors, not the zombies.

Yes, the Riftsiders series will all have titles that are types of crimes.

There MAY be adjunct spinoff novels as well, detailing adventures that do not include the core characters of Enrique and Elkie, or focus on different time periods. This will largely be dependent on the reception of the first few. If we get to more than five books, we'll start some weird period spinoffs, each of which are moments hinted at in the first few books.

For those that missed it - Riftsiders: Assault & Battery is a short story that you can go get a download of for free. For most readers, this will be the first introduction to Riftsiders and how society mistreats the possessed. It takes place a short time before Unlawful Possession with Enrique and his passenger Tzazin taking the lead.

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