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The world of RIFTSIDERS

RIFTSIDERS is a modern Urban Fantasy world where it is public knowledge that a segment of the population is possessed. It has social commentary, quirky humor, bizarre characters, and sex with demons.

The first book, Riftsiders: Unlawful Possession will be released by Black Rose, a division of Wild Rose Press. The genre is somewhere between horror, paranormal romance, mystery and probably some other stuff.

A group people with Passenger Riftsiders (traditionally called demons) come together in a support group for the possessed. In the first book they experience just how poorly marginalized people get treated, being called Thralls by the more closed-minded individuals of society. You know the ones. Once considered rare, the Rift opened wide in 2012 (remember th

at Mayan doomsday thing?), allowing a massive influx of Riftsiders.

Being possessed takes on a wide variety of forms. Some riftsiders (passengers) are only seen by the person they inhabit. Maybe just a voice. Some physically manifest. Often, as payment for being allowed to exist in our reality, riftsiders grant gifts to their human. These manifest as minor supernatural abilities. Telepathy. Empathy. Strength. Unfortunately, using these gifts can also come with a unique cost or sometimes a sign. Signs manifest on some people as strange physical signs of being possessed, making it impossible for to hide the fact that they have passengers. Tails? Horns?

An Imp
They all look different, but an Imp might appear like this.

Riftsiders need consent to inhabit their human hosts. Promise of their gift is often enough. Getting rid of a riftsider is a bit more complex. Splitting a human from the passenger often results in two separate and horrible abominations. The riftsider component may become an Imp - A tiny slobbering servile monster. The human may become one of the deformed Deserted. Mindless, and slowly losing their humanity.

Come along with me as we explore this reality where society can be just as dangerous as ill-intentioned Riftsiders.

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