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Here be demons

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What is Riftsiders?

Riftsiders: Unlawful Possession

FREE Short Story - Riftsiders: Assault & Battery

COMING 2023 - Riftsiders: Identity Theft

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Riftsiders Book Cover

What Is Riftsiders

Riftsiders is darkly humorous horror that presents demons (beings from the other side of the rift) as the newest social concern. The Possessed are the new underserved segment of the population, dealing with various forms of bigotry and discrimination that other groups experience. The characters face their own demons (literal and otherwise) while navigating a new society and trying to figure where they - and their passengers - fit in. That would be hard enough on its own. Now add various creatures, friends and foes, strange magics and the ever changing face of the laws that handle their kind.


Scary. Sexy. Funny. Riftsiders.

Tzazin's Eye

Note this series is contains mature themes, language, violence, and sexual situations.

Riftsiders: Unlawful Possession Available Now

Enrique and Elkie get caught up in a paranormal romance while stumbling into something far darker.

Riftsiders: Assault & Battery Short story Available Now

A dark prequel explains just why Enrique is on national watchlists.

Riftsiders: Identity Theft Coming 2023

Memphis Aldrain, the Shotgun Sorceror, is out to capture Enrique. Enrique is also out to capture Enrique.

Riftsiders: White Collar Crimes TBA

An unexpected new relationship, Mr. Clout, and... werewolves? 

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