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"It's like Clive Barker wrote When Harry Met Sally"

DeStefano weaves a masterful tale of mystery using threads of horror, humor, and heat-filled romance. Teeming with snarky demons and one swoon-worthy hero, this is the perfect story for anyone who loves the supernatural.

- Author BB Swann


More Praise for Paul A. DeStefano

He has always worn his love for SF, Fantasy & Horror on his sleeve. This is Dark Fantasy written with an immense knowledge of the genre, and it shows.

–  Patrick Kennedy, host of The Literate Nerds Podcast


The writing – it is amazing … it feels as if I was reading a Brandon Sanderson novel or a Patrick Rothfuss book.

–  Battlecast Reviews


Paul has a wonderful way of bringing a world alive so that you feel you can reach out and touch it.

– Jamie Jolly, Shadowborne Games.

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Riftsiders: Unlawful Possession is the first book of a new series, introducing the reader to a society very much like our own, except demonic possession is now as common as drug addiction, and treated with the same contempt.


Note this series is contains mature themes, language, violence, and sexual situations.

Riftsiders: Unlawful Possession coming 4/18/22

Riftsiders: Identity Theft TBD

Riftsiders: White Collar Crimes TBD

Riftsiders: Assault & Battery short story
is available for free download HERE.

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eBook       Paperback
eBook       Paperback

If you're looking for an autographed paperback (US only), send $20 (sorry, shipping for me isn't free) via PayPal to

Inquire for foreign orders. 

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